Beautiful Blinds for your Bathroom

11th July 2016 | World of Shutters

Of all the rooms in your home, your bathroom is where you require the highest amount of privacy your window dressings can offer.  After all, nobody wants to be spotted climbing out of the tub through an open window – just imagine the horror of having to face your neighbours next time you see them!

So protect your modesty, and you bathroom windows by choosing the right blinds for your bathroom.

Whatever the size of your bathroom window, there will be a solution that suits.  In this months blog, we look at the best types of blinds to suit the smallest room in the house.


  1. Fabric Blinds

Easy to buy, easy to find and available in many ready made sizes – the fabric blind has long been a quick and easy option for kitchens and bathroom alike.  But, given that your bathroom is also prone to become steamy and moist, is a fabric blind the most sensible choice?  A good bathroom blind will need to withstand high levels of humidity, water splashes and damp, all the while offering you guaranteed privacy when you need it. Fabric blinds may be susceptible to mildew if your bathroom is not very well aired.  Consider this when looking at fabric blinds, especially if you window is directly above your bath or sink unit.


  1. Wooden Blinds

Here at World of Shutters, Essex, we specialise in wooden blinds and they are our absolute favourites, but choosing a wooden blind for a bathroom needs careful consideration.  In high traffic, high moisture areas like bathrooms, it may be wise to opt for a more practical alternative instead. We recommend that you consider using Aluminium or Faux Wood blinds in your bathroom. Due to the materials that Faux Wood (PVC) and Aluminium blinds are made from they are highly wear resistant. This means they can stand to be opened and closed often with little wear to the slats themselves, meaning they will stay looking wonderful for a long time. They are also less susceptible to water damage.


  1. Aluminium or Faux Wood Blinds

As mentioned before, these types of blinds tend to work better in steamy environments like bathrooms.  If you choose the right blind, they can look just as beautiful as a traditional wooden blind, but due to their hardwearing nature, can last you for years to come. Here at World Of Shutters we can advise you on the perfect blind for your bathroom.

If you would like us to offer you a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, TELEPHONE QUOTE for your bathroom blinds in Hornchurch, Essex, why not give us a call today on 01708 767078 or 07930 576367.  We can offer you an over the phone quotation and our high standard of customer service sets us apart from other blind companies in the Essex area.

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