Wooden Shutters For Warmth This Autumn

7th September 2016 | World of Shutters

Our plantation blinds and wooden shutters don’t just look beautiful, they are also an excellent way of keeping your home warm during the cooler months.

All of our blinds are designed to fit your windows well, leaving no nasty gaps for drafts to breeze through.  Not to mention the fact that wooden shutters add an instant cosy feeling to your living areas and bedrooms.

Here are our favourite reasons as to why you should choose wooden shutters for warmth this Autumn.

 Plantation shutters can retain heat by up to 50%

They are a good thermal insulator. Not only do the keep in the heat during winter, they also block the heat from coming in during the summer. In fact, they are so good, English Heritage specifically recommends shutters for thermal insulation in conservation areas where historical windows can’t be replaced with new double glazing. Wooden shutters even offer similar thermal performance to double glazing when the shutters are fully closed.

Natural wood prevents heat loss

Quite simply, when fully closed, they create a solid lining that blocks draughts and stops cold air from reaching the room, which means the room stays warmer.  The natural wooden material also helps to trap warm air from central heating systems, preventing it from escaping out of the cold window.

Shutters help to improve your homes energy efficiency

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past few years, it would be hard not to notice that energy efficiency is a bit of a thing at the moment.  Of course, we all want our homes to be toasty warm and full of hot water on demand, but we also want our carbon foot print to be minimal.  The excellent insulating qualities of wooden shutters eliminates the need for your central heating system to be ramped up to full power on a daily basis.

They can help to reduce your energy bills

Following on from above, the less you use your boiler, the less it costs you! Installing new wooden blinds may seem like a relatively large expense at the outset, but they could bring you years of reduced heating bills.

Nothing says “cosy” like real wooden blinds and shutters

Finally, we think that adding natural wooden shutters to your home is the ultimate in winter chic.  Imagine how amazing your Christmas tree would look in front of a set of stunning plantation blinds, or how great it would be to open them wide to see an Autumn bonfire burning in the distance.  They also look great teamed with throws and cushions and soft lighting to create a warm and cosy look.

Get ready for the cooler weather and call us today for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION TELEPHONE QOUTE on 01708 767078 or 07930 576367. We look forward  to hearing from you.

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