Can’t decide on the right shutters for your home?

14th October 2016 | World of Shutters

Ask the experts here at World Of Shutters.  We can advise you on the very best window wear to suit your home, as well as supply and fit top quality blinds and shutters to households throughout Essex.

Shutters offer a chic and long lasting alternatives to blinds and curtains, and add a whole new level of sophistication to your home. They are a big investment, so it’s important to be sure that you have chosen the right blinds to suit your interiors.

Don’t forget to be practical though. Shutters do indeed look wonderful in any room, but think about the privacy they offer as well as how much light control and sound proofing you will need. Also, think about how much condensation is in the room, as some shutters are better than others in warm and wet environments like bathrooms or shower rooms.

The interior guru’s at are big fans of the same shutters that we provide, so we looked at them to provide some on-trend ideas for the how to use shutters in your home.


Tier-on-tier designs

These types of shutters comprise top and bottom panels that work independently of each other. You can have the top open and let light flood in, and the bottom closed for privacy. This type of shutter works particularly well in rooms that have windows facing out onto busy pavements, where privacy is always going to be a priority

Best for Bedrooms and bathrooms.

Café-style shutters

Because they only cover the bottom half of a window, café-style shutters are a cost-effective solution.  Again they can offer your plenty of privacy without blocking the light.

Best for Kitchens are areas where privacy is important.

Full-height shutters

These are single, full-height panels that cover the whole window. They are perfect for tall windows or patio doors.

Quite often, full-height shutters will have a divider rail, providing support to the panels and allowing you to operate the louvres above and below it independently. This enables you to control the light according to your needs. Full-height shutters can also look good as room dividers.

Best for French or patio doors and tall windows, but they can be adapted to fit any window.


Solid styles

Solid panels will cover the whole window. They help to block and both light and sound, as well as adding an extra layer of insulation. This does mean, of course, that they don’t have louvres, so they’re not so flexible when it comes to controlling the light.

Best for Bedrooms and draughty period properties.

Tracked shutters

These designs negate the need for frames and hinges by sliding on a track. They concertina back to give you easy access through a patio door, as well as maximising the view.

Best for Any type of door, larger windows and sliding doors.

Choosing the perfect wooden shutter for your Essex home

 When you are looking at all the options available to you, you should consider the purpose of your shutters.  Are they purely for decorative purposes?  Or do you need to add additional privacy, let extra light in or block out noise from outside?

Whatever your requirements, we can provide you with first class shutters to suit all areas of your home.

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